Thursday, December 1, 2011

If I was a boring 70s kid on Christmas


I like to lament to my parents about how unfair it is that I was born after the 70s.  My mother’s standard response is that I didn’t miss much.  That the 70s were boring.  That all the girls and boys dressed the same.

For shame, mother dear!

So upon looking in the mirror the other day I thought gleefully to myself, This is what a 70s kid would wear on Christmas!  A hint of festivity in the coloring, but stubbornly non-dressy because ‘damn the man’ and all that… or whatever it was that those crazy 70s kids would say.  Or maybe they wouldn’t say anything at all, because they didn’t care??

How am I to know the truth when I romanticize that decade beyond belief?  The grass is always greener, you know.

plaid button-up: J. Crew, wide-leg jeans: Gap, belt & shorter pendant: thrifted, long pendant: Forever 21, watch: Fossil, bracelet: Bohemian Spirit Jewelry via Chic on the Cheap giveaway


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  1. I love your pants! They look great on you!

  2. I think this is such a cute look! It reminds me of 'That 70s Show' :) x

  3. I adore your shirt! And the wide pants are amazing as well!
    Great look! ^-^

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  4. cuteness all around. you are rocking the wide leg pants!

  5. I love everything about this outfit! I was actually learning in a history classes yesterday that the 70s was one of the worst decades to live in, but I am still gonna pretend it was awesome. Who doesn't love 70s fashion and music?

  6. these jeans look amazing on you! i wish the bell bottoms fit me like they do here. CUTE.

  7. This is the perfect 70s Christmas outfit!!! LOVE the plaid!!!


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