Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Guilt of the Blogger


I had a minor panic attack today.  Totally unwarranted, I assure you.  You see, there’s a sudden onset of Facebook friends getting on Pinterest (lame-o’s, way to finally get on the bandwagon… jay kay!).  Now obviously they want to follow me because I’m awesome and have several hundred more pins than any other Facebook friend because… well… probably because I have no life?  That’s probably the true answer.

Anyway, panic attack, yes.  Well you see… most of my friends don’t know about this blog at all.  Way back in a land before time, I started this to keep in contact with my family (and deluded myself into thinking, hey they totally want to look at your clothes!!) and I never mentioned it to any of my friends.  So I was all DEFCON 1 this morning when I saw that four people had become my Pinterest followers.  It was a bit unwarranted though since I guess I’ve never put a link to this blog in my profile.

However, I realized I have such guilt over this bloggity.  Like Catholic-style guilt (from what I’ve heard… no ‘fense).  It’s as if I’m breaking some code of honor amongst my friends.  The sensible code, where you don’t post pictures of yourself all over the interwebs and wax poetic about your relatively mundane life.  So it leads me to ask… is having a lifestyle blog indulgent?

But more importantly, should I give a shit?

Methinks, no.

scarf: J. Crew, tshirt: Gap, jeans: Zara, yellow pumps: Payless, watch: Fossil, beaded bracelet: Bohemian Spirit Jewelry, bangles: Rose Bowl Flea Market


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  1. My online life was a secret for a long time. I made beauty videos and kept up with this online forums.. and none of my friends knew about it, except my boyfriend. I finally started mentioning my blogging in everyday conversation here and there, and everyone thought it was..COOL. Weird, right? lol

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment Melina. And you know, I suffer from a sort of blog guilt too.


  3. Gaaaah, I feel like this a lot lately too! I feel (scared?) For some of the people I know to read my blog. But, I know that I really shouldn't! It's weird. Glad I'm not the only one that feel this way

  4. I have to ask myself that question quite a lot. But at the end of the day, I just love blogging :)

    ps - LOVE your shoes. very cute!

  5. love. your. blog! totally following!


  6. hahah. I LOVED this post.

    yeeeees. gosh i always struggle with that.
    in some ways blogging can seem like the most narcissistic enterprise in the world!!! let me put up tons of pictures of my myself doing all sorts of different things in different outfits and secretly hope tons of people will follow me.

    and then even worse. I constantly have to ask other pictures of me. and that is why a boyfriend or husband is a key to ever successful blogger. but even then it can be embarrassing. him: "pleeeease no more pictures he begs" me: "but it's for my bloooog" him: "exactly"

    so no, my dear, you are not alone in the guilt. and maybe rightly so. i suppose we are narcissists but at least we are somewhat aware of it. and that should count for something, damnit!haha

    lots of love, katherine

  7. Boo for the loss of anonymity! I totally agree with you. Great outfit - love your blog

  8. You look so so cute, I love this look - adorable scarf! And I totally get what you're saying, every time a friend mentions my blog I feel guilt for not telling them about it <3

  9. Or you could have it the other way around, where they find you annoying for boasting about all your recently updated posts!
    I'd say it's better this way.

    Cute scarf btw =]

  10. There is no way my online life could have ever been a secret. My mom acts like a blog is a life accomplishment. She always tells people, "Sophia has a blog, she has over 200 followers." I'm like mom, millions of people have blogs and that is not a lot of followers. Did I mention my nieces and cousins google me? I think blogging is just a way for other people to see your clothes and be inspired, its not a cry for attention, as you can see I have a very attentive family. hehe. Sorry for the ramble,


  11. Guys, I have LOVED reading all your blogging 'coming out' stories! It's great to hear everyone's perspective on this. I have to agree that for a majority of bloggers, we are certainly not doing it because of the attention, but because it's fun!

    @lasophia I love how you see it! Especially since I don't get to see my friends and family every day, I think it's nice to think of it as a way to connect, rather than self-serving.

  12. The striped scarf and yellow heels are just too adorable.

  13. I didn't really discuss my blog at first either... I think the only friend I told was one who was living out of state.
    But I don't see why your friends would care, or why you should care... everyone posts (really bad) photos of themselves and writes far more uninteresting things on facebook like that's totally okay, like I should actually be interested -- but the blog is like, professional. Like strangers actually care about what you are posting.

    If anything your real life facebook friends should be envious.

    Chic on the Cheap

  14. I get embarrassed sometimes too...when people ask what the blog is and I'm like uhhh...I take pictures of myself in outfits? But, I LOVE doing it, and it seems like you do too...so yeah, just don't give a sh*t! Also, LOVE your scarf...too cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. dude i was JUST having this conversation with chris - GET OUT OF MY HEAD! i totally agree with you, one hundred percent and am on that same page. also i like your snazzy yellow pumps.

  16. That is so funny! I just started a blog a few months ago and none of my friends know I have one either. Not many of them read blogs, especially fashion ones and I'm slightly embarrassed about them knowing I take pictures of myself and put them on a blog! : ) (LOVE your blog by the way - I'm a new follower!)


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