Thursday, December 8, 2011

Black & White & Crazy All Over


This is me practicing East Coast Cool.  Black and white and grey, that’s generally the go-to on super cold winter days… from what I remember (though I couldn’t resist throwing in a crazy pattern).  So in the next few weeks you can expect this color (or lack thereof) palette from me, I’m going East Coast on all of you!

Nah, totally just kidding.  You should see the airport outfit I picked out.  It’s like the color wheel threw up on me and I love it!  But I am stopping in Vegas, the airport with lots of flashy slot machines… so I highly doubt I’ll be the most crazy looking person there.

In other news, I need to brag a bit about how I’ve trained James has learned, all on his own, to thwart my cranky moods.  The other night there was some issue with the game console that allows us to stream Netflix in HD on our television.  Clearly in boy world this is a crisis.  Meanwhile I’m all minding my own business, chilling on the interwebs.  However, they were convinced that the internet needed to be restarted.  Then when that failed, it needed to be restarted again.  Then when that failed… you get it.  Now I didn’t want to be a biotch, so I said in my cheery tone that it was no problem (I mean, really it wasn’t like I was doing anything important), but my eyes were starting to glaze over into the you’re-dead-to-me stare.

Have I ever mentioned that I can be a total peach?

So James gets up and wanders into the bedroom and comes back with a Snickers from his special stash that his momma sent him in a care package that I’m not allowed to touch because I somehow eat them all in one fell swoop.  He gave me the candy and my eyes reverted back to Happy Melina.

Men of the world: never underestimate the power of chocolate.

cardigan: White House/Black Market (thrifted), jeans: Marshalls, boots: Steve Madden, hat: Gap. scarf: gift, tank: American Eagle, necklaces: thrifted & Banana Republic


  1. Love the thigh highs!
    As well as the mixing of prints!

  2. Although I'm not a big chocolate fan I do swoon for white chocolate Lindor truffles!

  3. Love the way you mixed prints - so cute!

  4. when the internet gets messed with, all bets are off.
    seriously. nothing can make every member of the household more cranky than not being able to go on line instantly and constantly.

    it's a strange addiction.

    Loving your chevron stripes, you will totally fit in here.

    Chic on the Cheap


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