Monday, November 28, 2011

Scenes From A Humble, Little Thanksgiving


Forgive the total inundation of food pictures.  As luck seems to always have it (around the holidays at least), I got the inklings of a cold on Thanksgiving Eve which turned into a solid cold by the morning.  So photos were few and far between all weekend.  Luckily this was my fourth time doing the whole Thanksgiving thing and I have to say, my coordination was pretty damn good.  Especially given that I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into planning it out.  Really the key to getting this meal on the table is timing.  Luckily that’s something I can, apparently, still manage whilst in a post-nasal drip haze.

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday!

…and holy crap, it’s the Christmas season now… for real!  Eeek.


  1. YUM, no fair Melina, you're making me hungry!

  2. My goodness all that food looks delicious! The turkey and stuffing look great!!! Yum! Hope you feel better!

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  3. Looks like it turned out well!
    did you make cranberry apple stuffing? Because I tried that this year. I just sort of made it up... I threw in cinnamon and sugar too. (I don't think anyone liked it).

    And Christmas. How insane. I'll never be ready in time.

    hope you cold goes soon!

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