Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Kids Are All Right


First of all, this is not an outfit.  Well, I mean, it is in the sense that I’m wearing clothes and that’s much more socially acceptable than walking out in public sans clothes, but this is not an actual outfit I wore.  Instead this is me showing off my kids department finds

It might be considered in poor taste to tell you that, but seriously… some stores have really nice kids clothes these days!  And they’re a whole lot cheaper than shopping in the adult section.  I’ve been looking for a sparkly skirt for a long time at this point, but all the ones I like are usually over $100.  Is that not crazy expensive??  Or Forever 21 releases a version and it sells out in 20 minutes.  Solution?  Gap Kids.  It’s a little short, but I’ll most likely be wearing it with tights… or flats if it’s too warm for the tights.  Or I’ll go around looking like a street walker. I ain’t even care.

Also, Old Navy has NFL team shirts for sale and the little girls version was definitely way cuter than the adult woman version.  I’m going to have to stretch this one out a little in the top-chest-ish-area because the biggest girl sizes were already sold out.  However, dirt cheap team spirit?  Worth it.

Tell me… am I crazy?  For those of you on the petite side, have you ever shopped in the kids department?  Seriously though, Gap, J. Crew and Zara have some really adult-like kids clothes these days.  Check it out!

Patriots top: Old Navy, sequin skirt: Gap Kids, denim jacket: thrifted, patent pumps: Asos


  1. "Outfit" or not, it's cute. LOVE that skirt!

    I am a little too "tall & otherwise" to have ever shopped in the kids department but if the shoe fits...

    Great finds!


  2. thanks melina! and crazy good call on the skirt! haha can't believe you still fit into kids clothes!

  3. Hi,Im a 13 year old girl and I draw fashion designs,If you wanna see it,go on crazykidstyleemcks.blogspot.com :)

  4. The sparkles are gorgeous! I've never thought to shop in the kids section, but that's probably because nothing has fit me from there since I was 9. :)en serio- we grow em big and quick in my family.

  5. omg! the gold skirt is to die for!

  6. seriously, that skirt is from the kids store??
    it is insanely cute, and while i might not normally be okay with wearing something meant for a 10 year old, that skirt is awesome.

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. I LOVE that you got that skirt at gap kids...too funny...and it's gorgeous :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. hey there dollface!

    just had to tell you that i have literally fallen INLOVE with your blog the last couple days. and i'm not even lying. i went back and read sooo many of your archives just because your photos are awesome and you are sodang funny. :) kinda remind me of sydney over at the daybook. . . if you have read her blog.

    anywayza. cheers for being awesome.


  9. My girlfriend often shops in the kids section and she finds the most amazing things. Sadly, I'm too tall otherwise, I'd SO be on that bandwagon. And I must say I'm smitten with this outfit - it's so sassy & fabulous + that skirt looks gorgeous on you. Hope your day is fantastic. xo veronika

  10. There's nothing wrong with shopping in the kids section as long as it's in good taste :)

    You have such a great blog!!

    The Lacquer Factor

  11. I love this look! It's so great how you can fit in kids sizes, I used to and did the same! It's so much cheaper. You've styled this fabulously, and you're a Pats fan!! GO PATS!!

  12. Love the juxtapose of the sequins and denim!


  13. Great skirt! Thank you for your sweet comment and following! I am following you back on google and bloglovin!


  14. Ohh how fun it would be to shop in the kids section! I'm just way too "big and tall"! Love that skirt!


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