Thursday, November 17, 2011

Look of the Day: 80s Après Ski Aerobics Instructor


I’m just going to say it: I think this title sums up my look quite nicely.  No?  I mean, I’m not really sure why I gravitated toward an almost head to toe knit ensemble, but the heart wants what the heart wants.  Plus it was super comfy.  Seriously, how could it not be??

Speaking of super comfy, we’ve been watching a lot of Man vs Wild recently.  I’m really glad Bear Grylls stepped up to the task of filling that Steve Irwin-shaped void we all had in our hearts there.  It’s funny, if you have a British-esque accent and you’re crazy, you get a well received Discovery channel type show.  If you’re American, you get Jackass.

Oh but and the best episodes are the ones that begin with the nudity disclosure.  ‘Viewer discretion is advised.’  Really?  That’s when discretion is advised?  Not when he’s gnawing on day old dead zebra (‘ded zehbra’… if you will)?  Or drinking the blood of a squirrel?  That’s all good and well, but a little blurry patch on the screen for 15 seconds is cause for alarm…  Glad to see our American puritanical values are alive and well.

Is it sad that I could go on about this subject for at least five more paragraphs?

knit cardigan & tank: Forever 21, leggings: Sidecca, boots: Breckelles, purse: Old Navy, belt: thrifted, hat & leg warmers: handmade


  1. You look SO comfy! The next best thing to wearing PJs, right?

  2. Americans are overly sensitive about nudity. We are weird like that. Maybe it's because we don't have any ancient nude statues in our cities. I bet that is the reason.

    And you do look super comfy, which is sometimes just what you need.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. No it's not sad, I think some people can be too sensitive about certain things.

    Love your sweater! You look super comfy and chic!

    [♥]██[ X ]██[ O ]██[ X ]██[ O ]██[♥]


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