Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goat Cheese & Hummus Salad


A couple weeks ago we found ourselves at Gordon Biersch due to the fact that there was a Patriots game on and we weren’t able to watch it in our apartment.  Troubled times.  So while I’ve been to this bar many times for a drink, I’d never really explored their menu.  Lo and behold, they had this amazing goat cheese and hummus salad!  Hummus people!!  For a girl who doesn’t really eat salads because she doesn’t really like salad dressing, this was an epiphany moment: hummus.

Should I say hummus one more time?


Moving on, I’ve recreated the salad several times since that fateful day and it’s seriously the easiest and healthiest thing that’s probably in my repertoire at this point.  You will need:

  • Salad basics.  I like to pick up a baby spring mix and some baby spinach, but whatever greenery you fancy is fine.
  • Red peppers
  • Goat cheese.  I used a honey goat cheese from Trader Joe’s that was just a slice of heaven.
  • Hummus.  Whichever flavor you like.  My choice?  Red pepper.
  • Flat bread
  • Optional: tomatoes (the original salad had these, but I don’t do tomatoes) & balsamic vinaigrette (again, part of the original, but the hummus was enough for me)


First sauté some red peppers in a little olive oil (pictured: too much olive oil) on medium to medium high heat.   Gather the rest of your ingredients and wash the veggies.


When the red peppers are just tender, take them out of the pan and put a couple strips of the flatbread in.  Cook each side until just golden.  Take the strips of flatbread and arrange on the bottom of your plate.  Place greens on top of the bread, make a little well and add the hummus to the center.  Add peppers (and any other veggies you like) and crumble goat cheese.


Et voila!  A delicious and filling salad, even for those who hate salad (read: me).

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