Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Red & Green: Not Just For Christmas {and other lies I tell myself}


Do you like my cowl?  Wish you could buy it?  Well you can’t.  Because I made it.  With my hands.  And a crochet hook.  Boo yeah.

Actually you could probably make one yourself.  Better than I can.  Nevertheless…

I’ve lost James as my photo-taker… or photographer, if you prefer proper English, and taking photos myself results in static images I think.  Especially because I’m super chicken about taking a tripod out into the world.  Though sometimes the pendulum swings to the other side and I’m all, wooo photobooth style pictures!


…You probably thought I was kidding.

Did you know I’ve only been in a real photobooth once?  It was in high school, about an hour before one of our friend’s birthdays and we decided that the photo frame thingy we got her just had to have our faces it in.  We seriously bought the best gifts for one another.  We’d always find the most random crap, the stuff most people look at and are like, ‘Who buys this [expletive]?!’.  My sole photobooth experience may have been the year of the infamous puzzle gift.  It was a puzzle of horses running on the plains at night with a Native American man’s face in the sky.

I dare you to tell me that isn’t awesome.

But that’s probably why I pretend I’m in a photobooth… in case you were still wondering how one person can take so many pictures of themselves and still function as if they have dignity.

jacket & boots: Forever 21, crochet cowl: handmade, striped top: Old Navy, jeans: Gap


  1. Red and green works all year, especially with stripes. It only seems christmasy when you are so close to actual christmas.

    I love film photobooths. they are super hard to find. I've been in one color booth and one black and white.

    once i was tricked into going into the digital booth in the mall. those photos faded away, now there is just a skinny white piece of paper hanging on my wall.

  2. My friends and I always got each other AMAZING gifts. My mom actually just brought me this HUGE bulletin board COVERED in magazine cutouts that my two best friends from HS gave me for my 18th birthday.

    Along with a mailbox full of spam.

    And they TP'd my house.

    That's love right there I tell ya.

  3. I think you should write a book- just throwing that out there :)

  4. Love the colour of your cowl, and the jacket is super cute too!

  5. I LOVE your jacket. I have been hunting for one like it for a couple years and have yet to find the right one. It looks great on you!


  6. Oh my gosh- this outfit is too cute for words (and looks so cozy)! Doesn't it feel so nice to wear something you've made yourself?


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