Thursday, November 3, 2011

Desert Dressing


I have such romantic views on desert wear (not to be confused with dessert wear, which is generally what happens once a month when I’m eating chocolate something or other in bed and it winds up all over me…).  Do you see those spreads in magazines where the models are all navajo patterned and delightfully denimed?  Everything is a little washed out and there may or may not be a safari hat involved?  Do you know the ones?  They’re just a-walkin’ through the desert with their glorious articles of clothing. 

Well that wasn’t so much me because I am the worst packer.  Ever.  As per usual I waited until just hours before we left to even think about packing.  The pendulum of my ways swung toward packing close to nothing and what I did pack was primarily blue.  However, I felt like I was being truly deserty and low-maintenance, so it’s all good.  Just a little monotonous.


{chambray shirt: Aeropostale, jeans: Zara, tank: Forever 21, desert wedges: Lands End Canvas, necklace: gift}


Also, I just found my perfect sweatshirt.  Yes… you heard me right, a sweatshirt.  I sort of wore myself out on the idea of them after indulging in the style for most of my adolescence.  However, I found this one at Old Navy and was intrigued by the sleeve length and slightly less boxy cut.  If you’re willing to wait, Old Navy will often have anywhere between 20-30% off promo codes online too.  Yeah cheapness!


{sweatshirt: Old Navy, convertible dress: J. Crew, moccasins: Minnetonka}


  1. hey ladylove!

    you look beautiful as always! loving your blog more and more, have been reading it all summer/fall, just worst comment poster ever. and I've just been all over the place, but back in CA now!

    anywho, keep the good stuff coming. and good luck with ending job/new job!
    i started a new blog, it's just a baby. but I needed a new one!
    lots of love, Katherine

  2. I loved the gold necklace. And your little booties. Cute!


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