Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blazered Saddles


Do you like my poor attempt at a title?  It’s like Blazing Saddles.  Get it?  Because I’m a little western and a little blazered.  Haha… ha.  It’s okay.  I’m fully aware of how awkward I am.

Though in all honesty my outfit really looks more like this today:


I only looked important to run to the friendly neighborhood dollar store.  After all, you have to look damn classy at the dollar store!

You want to know something silly?  On Sunday night I proclaimed to James to the world that I was going to do all the laundry this week.  Every single last one of the three laundry bags we currently have overflowing (yes, it’s a problem).  And then James laughed in my face.  Rude, right?

Well, perhaps not so much.  It is now Thursday and I have yet to even step foot inside a laundry room.  Such a bold statement Sunday Melina made.  She has such lofty goals, you know?  And then Thursday Melina is all, ‘Yeah right.  Laundry?  Hah!  Don’t make me laugh.’

Are you no longer focused on what I’m saying and instead wondering if I’m becoming schizophrenic

I know I am.

blazer: thrifted, chambray dress: J. Crew, boots: Breckelles, socks: American Apparel, belt & ring: Forever 21


  1. I like the blazer very much. I am a "blazer girl", too.

  2. you are such a cute person. :)

    and i'm so super glad i found your blog. kinda wish i had a ton of time to go through all your old archives. sadly my computer charger fried - literally - and i'm at a friend's borrowing hers. madly trying to catch up on all the emails i'm sadly behind on. so guess the catching up will have to wait for another day. boo.

    in other news. hubs and i have laundry literally strewn all over the house. :( guess we are too busy enjoying life otherwise. :)


  3. Just tell sunday melina to do it on sunday ;)

    LOOOOVE the blazer though, and you do look a little western and a little blazery, so the title totally works. Although I can only associate the phrase "Blazin' Saddles" with it being hot out, since that is the term my sister used to describe the heat all summer. It's hammered into my head now.

  4. I LOVE this outfit. And your blog. You're adorable :-)

  5. I love the look, especially the boots and knee socks.

    And I will tell you that your title totally made me giggle.

  6. I like the boots with the socks. I want to do that, I want to do that!

    Now I just need boots and those socks!

  7. oh and I totally forgot to tell you- that parka is a no brand, I think? It was a gift from the bf while he was abroad (china) haha

    p.s. i love love your blazer- i swear these things are always the best thrift finds!

  8. i like your sense of style chic and simple at the same time.

  9. I love that outfit! The dress is great and looks awesome with that blazer. The kitty is so cute! :)


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