Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chambray Makes Me Happy Too


I have come to the conclusion that I may have become a wee bit of a negative Nancy in recent weeks.  This job is winding down to its end and the homestretch to the finish line is seemingly bumpy and hostile and possibly longer than the whole rest of the pleasant jaunt before it?  Don’t question the physics of it all just roll with the punches, that’s what I always tell myself.  But fear not!  I’m pulling myself up and out of my miserable, little bitter cave and reminding myself of all the awesome that is around me. Like:

HGTV full episodes online, my friends I’ve hit the motherload.  First we got cable and I was reminded of the amazingness of HGTV and the Food Network, but was saddened by the fact that their on demand offerings were limited because, damnit, I’m a child of the instantaneous generation and I want to watch my favorites now, thank you.  Yet, lo and behold, all along there were billions of episodes (okay, maybe just dozens) waiting for me on the interwebs.  Ohh interwebs, how I love thee!

I am currently two for two this week in stumbling across ‘Dancing Queen’ on the radio during my commute home from work.  On Monday morning the radio show I  listen to informed me that in a study, that song ranks in the top 10 songs that scientifically make you happy.  Good news because driving home time is my grouchiest time.  Let’s hit for the cycle here, people!

Gloomy, cold weather.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Los Angeles for listening to my pleas!  That high-80s crap you pulled this past weekend almost made me up and leave you.  This girl needs some sweater weather, kay?

Mid-70s and 0% precipitation in Joshua Tree.  Oh yes, my friends, we are going on vacation this weekend.  VAY-CAY-SHUN.   And there is not a tent or sleeping bag in sight.  We’re going to have a roof and walls people… we’re going to have walls!*

So clearly that’s the biggest reason the week is dragging, for this weekend will be vacation filled happiness.  Yay!

chambray dress: J. Crew, burgundy tights: H&M, boots, belt & sunglasses: Forever 21, bag: DSW, scarf: Rose Bowl Flea Market

*Friends reference.  Eh?  Ehh?


  1. I think we all have our negative moments on our blogs. I am a firm believer in getting it out. It's part of the process of getting out of those dark moments. Also, it's kinda nice {yes sounds weird but hear me out} when you read that other people are having down times...a lot of blogs put up a super in your face happy go lucky cheesy smile which can be annoying when the reader is not so chipper. It's not like a in your face your life sucks sort of's more about being relatable and when you do bounce can help others to do the same in their situations. Okay sorry I wrote a book...but Monday I was SOOOO cranking and I kept telling myself...don't do a negative post...don't do a negative post. I cheated and posted vacation pics but afterwards I thought if I need to say it...SAY IT.

    Anywho...enjoy your vacation and I'm glad things are looking up =)

    PS ~ did you find the HGTV episodes at or a different website...I have a friend that's day will improve a million percent if I tell her she can watch HGTV online.

    ♥ Shia

  2. I LOVE HGTV! I seriously think I could sit and watch that channel ALL DAY.

  3. Hummm now i feel like i need to know the other nine, and test them out.
    i'm not sure that dancing queen makes me happy...

    Chic on the Cheap


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