Friday, September 2, 2011

You Win Some, You Admit Defeat to Some


Yeah… I know, day 29 was a little like how you are probably feeling as a reader right this very second: “This s*!% is still going on??!”  Well it is.  However, only one more day after this and I promise you I put a little more effort into my day 30 than I did 29.  29 was just like, heyo, I’m checked out.  Not every day was going to be a winner.  It’s just statistics, people.

Speaking of not winning, I think when all’s said and done the score will read This Week: 1, Melina: 0.  Isn’t that always how the week before a long weekend goes though?  Hmm?  Especially when you’re still not sure if you’ll get Monday off.  Like I said, congratulations to This Week.  I graciously concede.

You have to admit though, it does make the phrase ‘TGIF’ so.  much.  sweeter.

chambray top: Aeropostale, shorts: DIY cutoffs, shoes: Sofft Shoes, necklace: Banana Republic, watch & ring: Forever 21

*Photos by James


  1. Ugh, not only do I work all weekend and we're going to get SLAUGHTERED I also work Monday. This better mean AMAZING tips at least.

  2. Love the red shorts :) I think you mastered the "shirt tucked in, but not" look. I'm trying to find the "right" way to do that but end up constantly fussing with my shirt and eventually untucking it hehe.


  3. I think I forgot you were still doing the 30... but I like the red shorts no matter what you pair them with, they will be cute.

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