Friday, September 23, 2011

More Faux-Autumn (Fauxtumn??)


Would you believe that this whole outfit cost less than $15?  You probably would not and that would be correct since, now that I think about it, the shoes were more than that.  However that is not as strong an opening and you knew I meant the dress and cardigan because I know you are all smart!  Right?  Because, obviously, this is scholarly reading.  Feel free to quote me in your next term paper, but for crying out loud put me in your ‘Works Cited’ page… we’re keeping it real, people: MLA format style.


Oh but what was I originally saying?  Yes, clothing for less.  I found both of these items at my favorite thrift shop in Studio City (where I scored these bad boys) on the same day.  I thought unto myself, “Score!”  For they were perfectly in keeping with my sneaky plan of pretending it is glorious autumn here in California, as well as inexpensive.  The cardigan is mustard (a fall staple) with cable knit detailing (preppy to the max!), but it’s short sleeved so as not to encourage severe overheating during 80+ degree days.  The dress is a deep navy and midi-length, which both seem to be popular this fall.  Also, it’s gorgeous… check out the detailing at the bottom.  Pretty bitchin’.  And this is from a thrift store, baby.

I will give you that, Los Angeles; your thrift stores rock the hell out of New Hampshire’s.

navy dress: Kimchi & Blue (thrifted), mustard cardigan: H&M (thrifted), oxford heels: Aldo Chuas, ring: Forever 21


  1. In highschool I once got an F on a reserach paper because I REFUSED to put it in MLA format. I was all like, "I'll put my paper in whatever font and spacing I want, bitches."

    Love the nautical look, and those shoes. I wish they were only $15 and I could buy them right now.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Haha all my professors make me use APA. So lame, I like MLA much better!

    And I LOVE this outfit, one of my favorites of yours! If you need Autumn you can come visit Wisconsin, we're right in the middle of a beautiful Friday.

  3. I always love to brag about cheap's always an accomplishment worth sharing :)
    I absolutely LOVE that dress..the details are fantastic...and this colour combo is perfect :)

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired


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