Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 for 30: The Round-Up

So I made it!!  And now, an excruciatingly long time later, I am blogging about it!  This is about as typical a Melina move as you’ll ever get.  Straight.  Up.

Now I suppose I should take a look back and ask myself: What did I learn?  Well, I learned that only using 30 pieces of clothing while not shopping at all is a torturous combination.  I failed a little… just keeping it realsies here.  I stumbled across that rose gold watch that I had been wanting forever and it was about 50% off and somehow it wound up on my wrist and I can’t even explain it people.  I know, I even flaunted it in some of my later outfits.  I know.  For shame.

But what else?  Well I definitely reprogrammed my brain a little.  Yeah, no big, just changed my brainwaves.  Okay, not so much, but I did learn to approach shopping differently.  Now I’m much more concerned with how an item will fit within my existing wardrobe as opposed to just lunging at a visceral, “Ooooo, pretty!” attraction.  Though I can’t promise that won’t still happen from time to time.  I’m only human… or a female.

Anyway, enough with the nicely wrapped up ‘Moral of the Story’ section.  Here’s a little collage of all 30 outfits for your viewing pleasure (open in a new tab for bigger version). 

Any favorites?  Personally, I really like my Colombian drug lord look in number 8… and obviously I am having a passionate affair with that chambray shirt of mine.  Though browsing through them all like this makes me really like number 22 as well, which is unexpected.  That’s what this was all about though, right?  The unexpected things you learn!  Aww.

Also, a big thanks to my booooyfraand, James, for taking a lot of these pictures.  I’m sure there were crucial happenings on that you missed out on because of this!!


  1. Yay, you did it! And you came up with some darn cute outfits!

  2. Great post and fab outfits! I really like that black and white striped skirt...where did you get it?

    ♥ Shia

  3. Navy and white sounds great too! Thanks for the info!

    ♥ Shia

  4. i think you had some great successes here - the orange and stripes are especially awesome!


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