Tuesday, September 6, 2011

30 Days Hath September


Aaaand… scene!  Hello, guys?  Is anyone still there??  I know most of you probably forgot, but yay I finished my 30 for 30!!

Alright, alright… I finished it like a month ago, but gosh darn have I had trouble getting the last few outfits up on the blog.  However, better late than never… right?  Right?

Funny enough, this was actually my favorite outfit creation of the whole she-bang.  I felt like it was very Parisian with the top of the striped dress peeking out from above and the mix of navy and white.  Then again, I see any sort of striped apparel and am instantly like, “Sooo Parisian chic!”  Yep, even old timey prison garb.  Tres chic, non?  No…

Oh and stay tuned, my friends.  I already put together a whole collage of this challenge and it took me forever so you’re going to have to humor my sad little Photoshop efforts.  If I bribe you with candy would that help?

navy dress: J. Crew, striped dress (underneath): Forever 21, watch: Fossil, shoes: Steve Madden, belt: Wet Seal, sunglasses & tea kettle necklace: Forever 21

*Photos by James


  1. haha, i agree, any thing with stripes instantly feels so chic!

    congrats on finishing the 30!

  2. I love how you layered dresses! Tres chic indeed. Congrats on finishing the 30!! Can't wait to see it all pulled together in the collage!

  3. Hehe, you crack me up with the Parisian comments. But I agree, this outfit is mega cute, I love the stripes.


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