Friday, August 5, 2011

The Science of Bright Colors


I have some theories that roll around in my head (maybe saying ‘roll around’ makes it seem like I don’t have brain matter, but regardless…) and generally they’re only halfway bizarre, but bizarre nonetheless.  If you have a knack for delivering said theories correctly, people will just assume you know what you’re talking about and nod and be all ‘Oh, good point’.  Try it someday because it’s hilarious, just make sure you say your insane theory as if it’s been a known fact for eons.

My point is I have a theory about the color yellow for me.  And it’s scientific people.  When I wear yellow, it leads to good days.  Do I have any examples I can specifically state?  No.  Please, I got a bachelor’s of arts y’all, don’t expect too much from me.  However, I believe everyone has some bright and happy color that just makes their days better.  Maybe it’s because it puts them in a good mood and your outlook on each day really is that important (as a pessimist I kind of hope that’s not true because then I’m screwed).  Or maybe there’s some sort of weird karmic color that generates good things for you.  Whatever it is, I suggest you wear lots of bright colors and see which one does it for you.  I mean, I think as far as scientific experiments go that’s a pretty fun one (other than the volcano made of baking soda and vinegar… that shit gets me every time).

After all, neutrals are great and all, but wearing a color that screams ‘Ahhh look at me, I’m right here!’ is liberating even for the most steadfast wallflowers*.

jacket, belt & boots: Forever 21, jeans: Gap, ruffle tank: J. Crew, bracelets: thrifted, flea market, F21

*example of halfway bizarre theory written as fact


  1. I love wearing fun pops of color and I'm trying to incorporate them more in my wardrobe. You look great!

  2. I agree, there is nothing like piling on the bright colors and getting all those looks - you know the "is she crazy or just really confident" looks.
    I think your yellow jacket is fab, and congrats on getting a job!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. got it. gold=good. You look adorable.


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