Monday, August 15, 2011

Primary Coloring


I look short here.  Well, actually, I look short everywhere, but I very much try to hide that little tidbit on this bloggity.  Okay, I lied… I don’t go out of my way to hide it or anything, I just don’t stand next to yard sticks or other measuring devices.  Also, I miss my heels.  My 30 for 30 started at the tail end of my broken foot fiasco, so I decided to give myself extra time to heal in case I immediately reverted back to my clumsy self.  I sense a sweet, sweet reunion with my tall shoes in the near future though.  I’m going to have to romance them back into my life.

Also, I would like to point out that this was an epic weekend of nothingness.  I bought gas and that was pretty much it.  Oh, well, and if you follow me on Twittah (yeah I just got Bostonian up in here) you know that I dropped James off at the airport.  On a trip I was supposed to go on.  At 6 am on Saturday morning.  So as I’m sure you can tell: super fun times here!

I think I’m going to have to lie in the office tomorrow when people ask how my weekend was.  Otherwise they’ll be all, ‘The new girl is boring.’  The horror!

dress (worn as skirt): J. Crew, striped top: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Toms, belt & ring: Forever 21, bracelets & necklace: thrifted

*Photos by James


  1. Boring isn't always bad! I have Tuesday and Wednesday and I plan on doing... a whole lot of nothing ;-)

  2. Yes, I hate looking short. I know that I'm short in real life, but on the blog, since i'm always posing alone, and away from yard sticks, I can trick everyone into thinking that I am in fact, tall.

    Hope next weekend is amusing enough that you dont have to lie about it!

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