Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Peculiar Nature of the Space-Time Continuum & Involuntary Britishisms


Today was one of those days that isn’t bad, but is just a Monday through and through.  I swear that between the hours of 10 am PST and 12 pm PST there was a break in the space-time continuum and really several days passed before the clock hit noon.  However, the highlight of my day was opening up these pictures to edit and seeing that the first twelve shots James took were completely white due to extreme overexposure.  Twelve!  Is that not the most adorable thing?  He was so focused on being in photographer mode that it took him that long to realize, oh this thing is in manual… set for a dark room.  That boy.

This was actually from the day I interviewed for my new job (so I’m slightly behind?) and James actually thought this is what I wore to the interview.  Furthermore, it didn’t seem to phase him one bit.  The entertainment industry can get pretty casual, but I doubt you’d ace an interview wearing this… unless it was for all the wrong reasons, that is.


In matters totally unrelated to this outfit, I’ve been driving a lot for this job and I’ve learned an interesting tidbit about myself that I’d like to share with you.  This is Los Angeles,  land of a billion drivers (I swear there are more cars on the road than people living in the city… somehow).  Now, naturally, when you are around an exorbitant amount of drivers everyday, you will run into a higher amount of bad drivers.  It just makes mathematical sense, people.  Anyway, I’ve learned that right before I curse out someone for doing something stupid I say, “Sir!!

I mean… how peculiar, right?  Like, I’m about to get as unrefined as one possibly can be, but my instinct is to preface my remarks with a nice little Britishism.  Before long I’ll be all, “But my good sir!  …Get the *@$# out of my way.”

Refined and succinct.

purple sash: American Apparel, oxfords: Steve Madden, everything else: Forever 21

*Photos by James


  1. Lol I can just imagine you going, "Sir, $%&#@!" Too funny!

  2. I love the detail on the shirt and the pop of color the belt gives.

  3. I'm really fond of the implied meaning of " good day, sir!"
    So proper, and yet, so, so vicious.
    I love the British. (especially their take on the space-time continum)

  4. Just found your blog... love your style! :)

    The purple belt adds the perfect amount of color to this outfit :)



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