Sunday, August 7, 2011

Misty Taste of Moonshine


I’m pretty sure this look was by far the easiest and comfiest of them all.  It’s also a little country-bumpkin, but that’s cool with me.  Actually, I say that about every single outfit I have with this chambray shirt.  So if country-bumpkin is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Now that I’m back to being a full time working gal can I point out something obvious?  Please?  Just humor me for a second: Sundays are super bittersweet.  It is, after all, your second day of only two days you get off, but then there’s Monday… just looming in the corner, sort of eyeing you.  Stupid Monday.  Can’t we just put one more day in there?  Can’t we all just get along??

Okay, obvious whining over.  I’m going to go make something out of this Sunday.

chambray shirt: Aeropostale, dress, belt & necklace: Forever 21, shoes: Toms, watch: Fossil, headband: Target, ring: gift


  1. Yes, sundays are like that. and i always want to sleep in and then watch tv all morning so by the time i'm ready to do anything it's like 3 in the afternoon and then I can't even stay up late... it's terrible.

    Love your striped dress. I need one of those too.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I love the chambray and stripes combo. Also I agree about Sundays being bittersweet. I mean they are a day off but they are totally tainted by the impending Monday (and also homework when your in school).

  3. The one good thing about working an odd schedule like mine is that sometimes Monday is part of my weekend. But I feel for everyone working tomorrow!

  4. Nice outfit!

  5. i highly agree sundays are very bittersweet
    but cute outift!!!!

  6. Yay, for easy & comfy outfits, they are seriously the best and exactly what I live in 90% of the time!! Love the red shoes and the chambray shirt is a lovely touch. xo veronika


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