Monday, August 22, 2011

The Little Shoes That Could


Oh my goodness, Day 28!  I’m almost done posting these!!  Hooray! 

I’ve been so delinquent it’s not even funny, but alas… getting a job was probably for the best.  Also, I know I’ve waxed poetic about these little shoes before, but ohhh my soul how I’ve worn them out since I started working.  They’re actually holding up quite well for the amount of times I’ve worn them, but they’re a little dirty.  Any suggestions on how best to clean them (canvas with a leather sole…)??


Want to hear more good news (was that first part good news?  One never knows…)?  James comes back tonight!!  Yayyy!!  I was trying to think of what the male equivalent is to bringing flowers to the airport.  I asked my roommate for some male insight.  His reply?  A nice watch.

Umm… somehow I think that’s not quite the same thing.  Men are not very helpful sometimes and the best I’ve come up with on my own is Chipotle… and I’m not quite sure I want to condone that addiction of his.  So if you have any suggestions on that as well I would be eternally indebted to you!  Come on people, we’ve got 10 hours to come up with something good here.

white shirt: Bella, skirt: Anthropologie, shoes: Steve Madden Tastee, belt: Wet Seal

*Photos by James


  1. I think junk food would be the male equivalent of flowers. Maybe his favorite snack food or soda or coffee of something.

  2. With the canvas, maybe some soap on on a scrubby brush (or toothbrush) and a lot of elbow grease.
    (I sound like grandma.)

    I'm pretty sure beer is the male equivalent of flowers...

    Well, just your cute self is probably good enough for your man anyway.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. This is such a sweet look!! Love a great tee paired with a pretty skirt, and the belt is SO fantastic. Hope you're having an awesome week. xo veronika

  4. Chipotle! That's hilarious! There really isn't a male equivalent to flowers, huh?

    I like the colors on that skirt!

  5. I LOVE those shoes!!! Great outfit!




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