Thursday, July 7, 2011

Viva la Stripes


I just love stripes.  Is there a person on this planet who does not?  Sure they’ve gotten a bad rep over the years in that they can make you appear wider, but I do not care.  They are cute and preppy and fun all rolled into one.  Plus they add another dimension to an outfit without having to actually add more pieces of clothing…

Now I’ll say it again, what a wonderful and sweltering time to start my 30 for 30.  Sometimes I try to add a layer here or a scarf there and I’m immediately concerned that I’m about to burst into flames.  I think I may have issues controlling my body temperature as James seems to consistently be comfortable no matter how hot or cold.  Ohh well.  At least I wrangled him into taking some of my pictures for me.  It truly amazes me how quickly we can snap a few pictures and then be on our way.  When I’m doing them myself it takes for-e-ver [in the style of The Sandlot, if you will].

Though James does love those dutch angles (a la top right), just like J.J. Abrams loves his lens flares and Michael Bay loves slow motion explosions and slicked up tan skin (guess what movies we’ve seen recently!).  Those men are doing pretty well for themselves though, so I’m not complaining.

white top: Bella, striped skirt, sunglasses & silver bangles: Forever 21, red shoes: Toms Shoes, belt: Wet Seal, owl clutch & silver cuff: gifts


  1. This is so cute! I love the sunglasses.

  2. I have an issue with temp control too. It's rare that I'm actually content with the temp.

  3. your skirt is adorable x100 and i love it too!
    i have a striped skirt but it is grey and black and not navy and white and now i wish it were navy and white - wanna trade?

  4. I agree with you there. Stripes are essential. Love it!

  5. Yes, I love stripes as well! They are always classic and perfect for the summer. Loving the whole look! xx

  6. Cute skirt, and girl, I love the sunnies!!!!


  7. I love this look! The stripes with the brown belt and red shoes--perfection!! So summery and nautical!



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