Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Ultimate Fall 2011 Wishlist: Tops

Moving on in our [my] wishlist, we have:


The number one top-type thing I will be looking out for this fall is a mustard yellow or chartreuse cardigan with pretty little details.  Basically that exact J. Crew one up there.  Once I made the switch from sweatshirts all day, every day in high school (cute, I know), cardigans were the natural next step.  It’s sort of the same concept only… prettier.

Another thing I’m feeling is deep jewel-toned tops with pretty, feminine details (like ruffles and scallop edges).  I have an exorbitant amount of plain tanks and tees to layer under cardis, but what I really lack are tops that can stand alone.  And, naturally, if they have some nautical inspired stripes I’m still going to be all over that.

1. J. Crew Factory Featherweight Cotton Ruffle Cardigan  2. Forever 21 Purple Sheer Top (Similar)  3. Forever 21 Preppy Knit Sweater  4. Anthropologie Vervain-Mallow Top  5. Topshop Yellow Scallop Short Sleeve Shirt

Also see: Pants, Blazers


  1. That's a great wishlist! I hope you're able to find the perfect mustard cardi soon!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. such a good wishlist! Jcrew always has the best cardigans!


  3. Ruffles, scallops, bows, stripes, sheers - looks like a fall wishlist right out of my own head!


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