Friday, July 15, 2011

The Ultimate Fall 2011 Wishlist

You don’t even have to say it, I know what you’re thinking.  Fall??  Melina Jane, summer has only just gotten rolling!  The September Issue isn’t even out!  Leave it alone!

However, my friends, I must confess to you that I adore autumn and the idea of ‘Back to School Shopping’ even as an adult and all those amazingly wonderful fall clothes and colors.  And you know what?  My adoration gets stronger every year because I have not seen my beautiful New England in the fall since 2007.  Yes.  It is true.  The last time I saw that golden autumn goodness the Red Sox gone n’ won themselves the World Series.  And I may have appeared on the news around nine times in about two weeks because Fenway was basically my home.

But that is not why I am writing this.  No, I am writing this because I am in the midst of a total shopping ban (and 30 for 30) and in the midst of a California summer, which is eerily similar to a California fall, winter, spring…  So I don’t claim to be Anna Wintour and I am certainly not very cognizant of all the fall lines.  However, this is a compilation of all the things I, Melina, am craving come that favorite season of mine.  Least of which: actual fall weather.

I will begin with:


Does anything scream fall more than a blazer?  I hope in my heart of hearts that they never go out of style because I am in love.  I already have a fabulous dark grey wool one that was handed down to me from (I believe) my aunt and is perfect for when the real cold sets in.  If I could, I would add a lighter color and weight one to my wardrobe.  After a summer of awesome, bohemian and bright colors, I really feel myself being pulled toward a more neutral palette.  The cornerstone of which would be a nice structured blazer.  I don’t think there’s another single piece of clothing that pulls a look together quite like it.  And if it has elbow patches?  Holy god, it’s amazing.

1. H&M Dark Beige Blazer  2. Timberland Operated Cotton Blazer  3. H&M Beige Checked Blazer

Also see: Pants, Tops


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