Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Timing is Nothing


Perhaps I started this 30 for 30 off on the hottest string of days we’ve had thus far.  So what of it?  Devastatingly bad timing has always been something I’ve excelled at.  Let’s  hope the temperatures come down a wee bit or else a 0 for 30 (aka: an exercise in nudism) is looking a lot more appealing…

This was from last Friday, my Day 1 as I’ve so conveniently labeled for you.  It was one of those days where a car alarm wakes you up and then, 30 minutes later, the building’s fire alarm goes off for about a half hour.  Let me tell you, that bad boy is l-o-u-d.  It took me another 30 minutes to coax the poor cats out of their couch cave.  After that I was about ready for a cocktail, but it was unfortunately still well before noon.  I may have settled for lots of iced coffee (aka: heaven) instead.  That’s kind of the same thing.  Except by ‘same thing’ I mean ‘complete opposite’.

top, skirt & belt: Forever 21, shoes: Chinese Laundry, gold bangles: Rose Bowl Flea Market, green bracelet: gift


  1. I love this outfit - clean and simple, with great polish, and a bright green bauble.

    Your morning sounds rough, and I do agree, coffee fixes most everything.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. nice color of nail I like it. It fits to outfit and make all look fresh:)



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