Friday, July 15, 2011

....These go to eleven.


Dressing with only 30 items, finding time for pictures everyday… small change compared to coming up with these stupid titles.  You would probably be surprised to know that I spend minutes thinking of these.  Fortunately for me, in a 30 day challenge there will be a day 11 and that means a Spinal Tap quote is not only universally acceptable, but expected.  I aim to please people, so there you go.


Incidentally, this is definitely the least ‘Rock n Roll’ outfit one could imagine.  It’s pretty much my low-70s weather go to though and, luckily for me and this challenge, I’ve just never gotten the chance to share it with you.  But I’m being honest here, I wear this exact outfit all the time.  Should we happen to meet one day, odds are I’ll be dressed like this.

You know what is pretty rock ‘n’ roll?  This is the day my shame officially died.  That picture on the left up there?  That was almost exactly when it happened.  I was looking at the people looking at us across the street and was just like, ‘Aww #*&% it!’  The light was too pretty to care about the fact that the street was super busy.  Okay fine, by super busy I mean there were three people out doing yard work and a truck drove by.  But they had judgment in their eyes.  I’m sure of it!

dress, jewelry & scarf: Forever 21, cardigan: J. Crew, belt: H&M, oxfords: Steve Madden

*Photos by James


  1. oh man i hate it when i think people are watching me take "outfit" embarrassing! your outfit is totally cute though. i love light weight scarves in the summer!

  2. haha my mum always rips me off too & is like - what must people think of you! oh well. i love this outfit, its probs one of my favourites of yours. those cute little calico shoe work so well with the simple dress & gorgeous scarf! tres chic.x

  3. I keep wanting to do outfit pics in my front yard because we have this GORGEOUS tree but we live on a busy road and I'm still so new about it... kudos to you for just doing your thing!

  4. You look fabulous in this! Reruns be damned--this look is an amazing go-to and I hope you wear it often!


  5. You are right, the light was way too pretty. And sometimes it is just so darn hard to find pretty light!

    And your outfit is also pretty, I can see why you would be wearing it all the time. Simple, but chic.

    Chic on the Cheap


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