Sunday, July 10, 2011

Super Behind


I am so behind on posting these that it’s starting to bug me now.  I really need to just inundate you with a ton of outfit posts just so I can be back on track somewhat.  Though it won’t be today because it’s still nice out and I really need to do something productive before the day completely gets away from me.


Today has just been highly unproductive.  James is off at a pool party at, get this, the creator of Friends house.  Yep, the guy is an alumni of (from?) our college and James did a special workshop with him back in the day and it’s a members only sort of reunion at his house.  Rude, right?  So my roommate and I spent the first half of the day sort of just moping around and muttering about the injustices of it all.

Don’t worry we’re over it.  Whatever.

In less bitter news, I did some laundry!  Yay!!  That’s always an accomplishment for me… sadly.  Anyway, that’s all I’ve really got for you.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

top: Old Navy, jeans: Forever 21, wedges: Sofft Shoes, belt: J. Crew, earrings: Ike and Co., head scarf: old

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