Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbowz


I was originally going for ‘Rainbows’, but then I accidentally hit the ‘z’ and it made me laugh because of it’s gangsta style.  Apparently my subconscious likes to thug up kids songs, so I roll with it.  But really, it’s the simple things people…

I am currently procrastinating (shocking!).  James’ BFF is coming into town this week and the apartment could really use a cleaning.  However, it’s close to noon and I have yet to do a thing.  James of course is washing and waxing and detailing his car because that’s really what’s important in guy world.  Ahh, that brilliant day in the future where I can forget the ins and outs of constantly living in guy world…  It will be a marvelous thing to behold.


Last night, like the rest of the population of this planet, we went and saw ‘Aaaarrryy Paauuutaaahhhh (guys, I can say it in this weird, high-pitched British screech and it’s kinda awesome, if I do say so myself).  I liked it, thought it was entertaining and am always so pleased with how appropriate it was to cast Alan Rickman as Snape (is it just me or do you want to cuddle Alan Rickman? …Just me?).  However, James is like a Harry Potter encyclopedic purist.  He remembers everything from those damn books and spits off little details here and there that he always is bewildered that they didn’t include in the most recent films.  He’s also very movie-making-minded, so these are always good points.  So upon further discussion of it, we’ve decided that out of this particular director’s HP films it was the best… but it still lacked little details that would have cranked it up to eleven.

But don’t get all up in my face, you guys.  I definitely liked it and thought it was a highly entertaining movie to go see.  We’re just nitpicking really because we can be film snobs… but that also means we understand the politics that go into adapting a highly successful book franchise into a highly lucrative movie franchise and that sometimes details get axed.  (Hah, I’m a little paranoid I just offended everyone in the world… not my intention!)

Though you guys: The Dark Knight Rises… 

Amiright?  Damn.

cardigan: gift, tank & hairpiece: Forever 21, pants: Gap, belt: James’, mocs: Minnetonka, necklace: gift

*Photos by James


  1. No offense taken. I'm the same way...I remember every little detail of the books, therefore I'm never completely satisfied with the movies! I just have to try and look at it from a different perspective. You're so right about Alan Rickman though...I feel the same way!

  2. Typically when we're comparing a film to the book I am NEVER satisfied. I will sit in the theater and pick the movie apart. "That didn't happen in the book. They cut that out. Wait a minute, that's not right!" However, for some reason with HP I just love that the movies just add to my love of the books. Of course things are cut out and of course the movie will never be as good as the book. But I really enjoyed the last movie.

    And Alan Rickman did such a good job playing Snape that I finally feel able to forgive Snape and feel sad for him. With the books I was still angry with him but Alan Rickman just made me want to give him a big hug.

  3. so cute, love that sweater

  4. You look so very pretty, the sunlight in the back of these photos is just gorgeous!! <3

  5. love the tone of your photographs <3

  6. love the tone of your photographs <3

  7. Oh gosh. I am going to cry manly tears when I see HP. I actually think thats the real reason I've been putting it off, and not cause I work.

    Also, The Dark Knight returns. Carrie Kelley. I'm just saying. The franchise would set off so many catch phrases.

  8. I am always super nit-picky when it comes to book movie adaptions. I am even deliberately not seeing "Something Borrowed" because I love the book to death and I don't want some movie to go ruining that for me.

    To date, there has only been one book turned into movie that passes my high standards. Because I think you are awesome, I am going to let you guess which movie that is.

    Also, totally loving your light and rainbows here!

    Chic on the Cheap

  9. lovee the colour! beautiful shots too:)

    Journal J

  10. Can you believe that I haven't seen any of the Harry Potter movies?! And I hear that they are SO good. I'll have to change that -pronto.

    I'm swooning over these pictures ...and what an adorable outfit. Loving the zipper detail on the jeans and all of the lovely accessories that you've added. xx veronika


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