Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So Much Excitement You Probably Can’t Handle It

We had a pretty laidback long weekend.  Got some mundane, but highly necessary things done.  Like grocery shopping (mmm, eating raspberries as I type) and washing our cars.  We went on some walks too.  This is nice because my parents always go for walks on summer evenings and it seems like a healthy habit to get into.  Of course our walks were smack dab in the middle of the hottest parts of these 90+ degree days, but that just  makes it more interesting, ya know.

Yesterday we spent the 4th doing pretty much more of the same (yes, some weekends we grocery shop nearly every day).  Though we also went to the park nearby and played some Scrabble because we are basically an elderly couple.


He gets quite intense when he plays.  I, however, am the epitome of a gracious board game player.  I don’t get competitive at all…


We’re quite lucky that we live within walking distance to a relatively nice little park.  Bonus?  It’s right on the banks of the majestic LA River:


What’s that?  This isn’t majestic at all?  No, you’re right.


However, the park itself has lots of trees and is kind of cute, so it makes up for it.  I promise.


The heat gives me the attention span of a three year old and, in this case, James too.  So we ended the game early and decided that eating even more food would be better.


Though before we could leave, James became highly concerned over the vowel distribution in Scrabble.  In an act of the utmost Virgoness, he began organizing.  For sport.  As an Aries this was just fascinating.


All because he didn’t feel there were enough ‘U’ tiles…  So I did what any good blogger documentarian would do and told him to pose next to his creation.  After all, that’s five minutes of my life I’m never going to get back, so we might as well pretend it was important!


He was slightly less than amused.  Years from now he will thank me for documenting this, though.  I haven’t figured out why yet, but by then I will probably know.

So yeah.  We’re super exciting, but don’t be jealous… not everyone can be this innovative when it’s 95 degrees out.  It’s a gift really.

Wait, what?  What did we do after?  Pretty much this:


Hope you all had a fabulous weekend (whether it was lazy or exciting)!!!


  1. your game of scrabble looks so n ice & chilled. sometimes they're the best weekends when everything is nice & laidback!x


  2. great photos :) looks like a fantastic weekend!


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