Friday, July 8, 2011

Salmon or Coral? and Other Deep Thoughts on Life


This was from the night James and I went to go see… wait for it… Transformers.  Ohhhh boy!  But hey, at least I got to wear a cardigan.  Variety!  As you can tell, it does not take a lot to amuse me.  Also, what color would you classify that cardigan as?  Is it a coral?  Or perhaps a salmon?  Yes, most of my downtime is spent contemplating life’s great questions such as this.  Another example would be, how long before James realizes he’s cooked most of our dinners this week? 

It’s not easy being so philosophical.

Ugh, I just had basically a mini panic attack because I hit the ‘insert’ key accidentally and then I starting typing over everything I was writing.  Has that ever happened to you??  It’s literally only happened to me once before, probably in middle school, and I had no idea what was wrong.  I thought I had broken the computer or something.  Well, it’s been so long since that’s happened that I totally forgot what causes it and what key I must have accidentally hit.  I’m also a little tired and couldn’t think of anything to Google except ‘can’t stop writing over text’.  You’d think I’ve never used a keyboard before…  But I mean, really, why is that a necessary function?  Is there a job out there where someone replaces their text so often that it’s easier to write over it than to actually take the .2 seconds to delete it??  Not rhetorical, people.  Speak up if you are a frequent ‘insert’ key user!

cardigan: gift, tank & necklace: Forever 21, striped shorts: J. Crew, mocs: Minnetonka, earrings: Ike and Co.

*photos by James


  1. great blog, love your posts, I am you new follower ;)
    follow me back please...:

  2. I always wonder who the heck uses that key too. I think it was put there just to freak out non-computer savvy people - haha.

  3. I'm totally asking my husband tonight what that key is for. He's a computer nerd so maybe he'll know.

  4. im gonna go for coral! i think salmon would be a lot lighter. haha i cant believe we're discussing this! x


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