Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Outfit. Yay!


This skirt is definitely one of my favorite things in my 30 for 30… in my entire wardrobe, too, really.  I’m what you’d call top heavy, not in a Pamela Anderson sort of way, but just that I have semi-broad shoulders, some boobage and then no discernable waist and non-birthing hips (not that I ever really knew what ‘birthing hips’ were, but something tells me I don’t have them).  Anyway, what I’m saying is horizontal stripes on the bottom = good.  At least on me… Though maybe if I had a waist this would look even better because it would accent the hourglasseness of it all??  Potentially scratch everything I just said.

Okay, I just sat here for 10 minutes trying to think of something else to write about, so I think I’m going to call it quits.  Also, my computer is sort of freaking out for no reason… well, I’m sure there’s a reason, but no reason that I would think is good enough.  I’m just keeping it real for y’all (note: I don’t ever say ‘y’all’ in person…).

grey v-neck: Gap, bag: Urban Outfitters, necklace: gift, everything else: Forever 21

*Photos by James


  1. Love the skirt! This whole outfit is great!


  2. Stripes and mustard!! Love it!

  3. this is SO Cute! I love it. I must duplicate it... somehow...

  4. So so so cute


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