Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Ode to a Grecian Color


I don’t know what it is about this shirt that makes me get all Greek up in here.  You’re probably like, ‘Cool, there are a lot of olives in Greece- GET OVER IT.’  It happens people and I just don’t think I can explain it.  I can understand the awkwardness of spontaneous Greek pride though.  Last week I was in the Verizon store and the guy helping me out asked if my name was Greek and then was all, ‘I’m Greek too!’  Cue the overly enthusiastic ‘Oh cool!’ response from me and then a bout of awkward silence.  If I were my father I could tell you where in Greece his ancestry lies and who his family is and what his favorite Greek dish is… but alas, I did not inherit that type of conversational wizardry.

Some of us have to be awkward to make the rest of you look good.  Okay?  You’re welcome.

skirt, belt, bracelet & sunglasses: Forever 21, top: Old Navy, shoes: Steve Madden Tastees, clutch: Lauren Merkin (best gift ever from my aunt!)


  1. I think it's fun to meet people with the same sort of background as yours. I have a lot of French, Italian and Native American in me so I love meeting people with that sort of background too.

  2. I'm so loving this new layout hun!! And these pictures are gorgeous along with this fabulous outfit. I love the soft & flowy silhouette along with the earthy colour palette! Gorgeous!! As for conversational wizardry?! Oh my goodness, I'm SO there with you, not one of my strong points. xx veronika

  3. Haha, i'm Greek, but on my mothers side, so i have an Italian last name. and Italians don't care that much about meeting other Italians.

  4. I love these colors on you! Looks so great!


  5. I love that green top! I have it and am wearing it as we speak! So cute!


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