Friday, July 29, 2011

Love in the Time of Facebook


Yep, just two pictures for this day.  That’s mostly because right before we took these James found out he was going to be a best man for his friend.  Which I think he’s been dreaming about since he was a little boy.  I never really thought men got excited over that type of thing.  Maybe it’s bragging rights?  Maybe my boyfriend is weird.  Though, I mean, c’mon… best man?  What does he really have to do?  I feel like being a maid of honor is like a full-time job in comparison.

Also, can you please explain to me why everyone on the planet is getting engaged/married?

Okay, perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but in the past two weeks I’ve had five (5) facebook friends get engaged and two (2) facebook friends get married.  That’s… just… a lot to process over that short amount of time.  The engagements all happened within a week of each other too.  Though I was commiserating with one of my [real] friends about it and we mused over the fact that if it weren’t for facebook we probably would have only heard about one of these engagements… eventually.  However, in this new age of knowing-way-too-much-about-people-we-saw-one-time-in-high-school the pressure of all this is far more intense.  But why?? 

Herd mentality.  I mean, right?  Why else would I care about this person who the only thing I really know about is that they’re fluent in sarcasm (that joke is so over on facebook too… just don’t).

Ooor, maybe I’m just justifying here.  After all, I am a female in my mid-twenties.  Chances are, biologically speaking, I’m jealous.  Okay, there, I said it.  I also feel a little betrayed, ya know?  Because we were that generation that was raised on Carrie Bradshaw (they show that in pre-school, right?): career and shoes first, men second.  Now we have to figure out all three at once?  That is a lot of multi-tasking for what is supposedly a lazy generation.  Amiright?

dress: J. Crew, wedges: Sofft Shoes, necklace: gift, belt & bracelet: Forever 21

*Photos by James during the happiest moment of his life


  1. that is an awful lot of weddings, and yes, it is hard to be a single girl mid twenties with no prospects when suddenly everyone around you is tying the knot and you are freaking out wondering why you are alone and if you dont meet someone soon you will miss the window and everyone will just look at you with pity as they embark on their married lives and maybe i've been stressing about this a little too much.

  2. Ugh, between engagements and weddings and babies it really is all too much. And I think we all get very swept up in it.

    Then again, quite a few girls got pregnant my senior year of HS and I certainly wasn't jealous over that ;-) So I'm glad I draw the line SOMEWHERE!

  3. You look really gorgeous! Wow sounds like a lot of your friends are getting married. Mine aren't quite in that space yet.. but then again I haven't really been on facebook much lately!

  4. I hear ya sista'!! Love the dress! Good luck with the multitasking!!



  5. that dress is totally beautiful! you look great!

  6. I can't believe you're into over two weeks of your outfits! You're mixing them really well!! Lately it's smoldering hot, and your outfits are just breezy! haha

    and I definitely agree, though instead of weddings on this end, its kids. Crazyy

  7. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous!! I'm loving that colour on you & your necklace + shoes are SO fab! How cute that James got excited, aww, that's pretty great. xo


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