Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just Saying...

I sort of miss this guy:

photo (16)

No, no… that’s not an extra from the set of Boogie Nights, that’s actually my boyfriend… looking like he belongs on the set of Boogie Nights (which I’m sure he’d take as a compliment seeing how it’s one of his favorite movies… see I’m such a thoughtful girlfriend!).  He’s off hiking in Yosemite, on a man weekend… that apparently required a man ‘stache (and leaving me to my own devices for four days!).  If there’s one thing this man can do well, it is grow impressive facial hair.  And his other talent is shaving his face clean and then looking like a 12 year-old.  He’s so versatile.

He’s also probably going to be so pleased with me for posting this.


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