Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I was going for preppy…


…but I think it turned out a little more Columbian drug lord than I expected.  Except I would be the palest, shortest drug lord ever, don’t you think?  One who still kind of cares about the world too because at least I’m sporting Toms.  The drug lord who cared.  There I go again… thinking in B-movie titles.


Speaking of B-movies, do you want to hear the cruelest of cruel things?  Every Saturday in the summer they play a movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  It is pretty awesometastic because it’s BYOB and they show lots of great films (the last one we went to was Young Frankenstein… I die!).  This weekend they are playing The Evil Dead 2… CRUEL. 

You see, it is carmaggedon (the 405 freeway is shutting down and everyone in Los Angeles is freaking out because we don’t have any perspective) and they are playing The Evil Dead 2, which is B-movie awesomeness.  I mean, okay, I’ve only ever seen Army of Darkness, but I don’t doubt that The Evil Dead 2 won’t involve just as much campy, horror goodness.  However this ridiculous cartastophe means getting to places that aren’t within your immediate vicinity will take a stupid long time.  I may have to convince the boys that we need to rent it somewhere and create our own viewing experience because I am just so bummed over this timing.  Damn you, Cinespia!

button-up & jeans: GAP, shoes: TOMS, hat, ring & sunglasses: Forever 21, necklace: Target, belt: H&M

*Photos by James


  1. ooo you make me miss CA. Also, you are so cute. I like the look, despite the drug lord-esque ness of it. Did that make sense? lol

  2. you. are. funny. caring columbian drug lord. socalifornians who have no perspective...i love the way your wacky mind works. and i also like reading cause you give me these updates on my motherland. i didnt believe the guy that told me the 405 was closing for...widening??? wtf...

    hope you get your b movie night. AND - DIG-ING the white pants. with the red "caring" kicks.

  3. Haha, you'd be the damn cutest drug lord ever. I think we can just stick with preppy. throw a sweater over your shoulders and leave the drug trade behind.

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. your style is so cool. Your sunglasses is so nice!


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