Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Edge of Sanity


Here’s my day 18 outfit.  It was a maxi dress with a scarf and a hat.  It was hot and that was about all I wanted to be wearing.  Maxi dresses have this amazing ability to make you feel like you are wearing next to nothing, but in a fabulous way.  Like chic-almost-nakedness.  Even though there is more to them than, say, a normal dress.  I may be going insane… I’ll keep you posted.


Today has just been one of those days, hasn’t it though?  Someone thought James was still working nights (they’ve been flip-flopping that poor boy back and forth, so I guess the assumption wasn’t that crazy) and texted him at 3:30 AM.  James naturally slept right through the noise and I woke up and proceeded to stay up for about an hour.

The first half hour I was feeling quite sorry for myself because we started watching Mad Men and I learned that Mad Men freaks me out.  My house isn’t clean and my hair never looks that perfect, let alone right before I go to bed.  And the money… how does everyone on that show have so much money?  Basically hormones, mixed with extreme exhaustion was throwing me right into an existential quarter-life crisis.

Then the second half hour started and I got John Denver’s ‘Country Roads’ stuck in my head.  For a whole half hour.  Why my brain went from Ahhh Freak Out to John Denver All The Time is beyond me, but neither was really all that ideal for that hour of the morning.

And in the spirit of being hormonal and taking it out on my blog as opposed to my boyfriend, I present to you Other Things I Would Like to Whine About:

-Forgot to make ice… no iced coffee (or any coffee) for Melina today.

-James wants to go running.  After the 156th attempt to find my right Adidas running shoe, I have decided there is a little demon elf who likes to come into my apartment and make my life a mess.

-Troycat.  Needs. to. get. over. his. loud. whining. phase.

-Self cleaning refrigerators should be a thing.  Or food that never goes bad without being pumped full of preservatives needs to be a thing.

Now I wouldn’t want to end this on such a negative note because, honestly, just writing that down made me feel better.  So:

-I found a pair of shoes I thought I had lost, but were just sitting under my gigantic purse.  Yay!

-Troycat is in the cat harness and that’s hilarious to watch and, for some reason, keeps him quiet.

-My outfit involves a lot of bling today… like Mr. T amounts of bling.  That’s never a bad thing, my friends.

But if you’ve seen that damn right shoe do speak up!  I think finding it would validate my existence and restore my faith in mankind for all time.

Okay, you listened so nicely so now tell me: What would you like to whine about??  And go.

maxi dress: Old Navy, scarf: Marshall’s, hat: Forever 21, belt: Wet Seal, shoes: Chinese Laundry

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  1. I am STILL upset about the customer that accused me of stealing. But that's about all I need to whine about right now, hehe.


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