Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bright Yellow and the Dress That Could


Apparently I’m into titling my posts like 1950s B-movies.  That’s probably because I’m just awful at coming up with titles and now I’ve stopped putting any thought into it at all.  Maybe that’s better!

In regards to the Dress That Could: this little convertible dress could probably carry me through the entire 30 days of this challenge if it had to.  It would be the 1 for 30 challenge and I’m willing to bet it would be successful because it is the greatest dress ever.  I picked it up way before I ever even moved out to California and it definitely was pretty much all I wore last summer when I was actually in California.  That’s called excellent foresight (if I do say so myself).

Also, now that I think about it, the mall in New Hampshire is pretty bitchin.  I mean, there’s a J. Crew, GAP, Banana Republic and relatively large H&M (and possibly even a Sephora now??  Stay classy NH!).  Burbank really needs to step it up because none of those stores are in that mall (except don’t because I’d buy everything)!  Though maybe those stores are too preppy for valley girls?  (Valley girls?  Is this 1995??)  Regardless, now that I’ve lived several years outside of tax-free-land, our silly little (except sort of big) mall, with the lack of sales tax, definitely seems like the holy grail of shopping centers.

Funny how your little hometown area can suddenly become so appealing when it’s no longer technically your hometown.  That grass and its elusive greenness

convertible dress: J. Crew, jacket, boots & owl necklace: Forever 21, belt: New York & Co, ring: gift


  1. Your jewelry is adorable! =)


  2. Yeah, that mall does sound pretty good. mine has a gap and a relatively small h&m and now (as of this month) everything has sales tax. boo.

    But great dress, and adorable yellow jacket!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. beautiful pictures! Love you outfit! especially the yellow vest/ jacket
    xx Paris

  4. Where is this magically mall in New Hampshire? The only mall I have been to in New Hampshire only had a movie theater, a payless and a pet store - it was less than stellar.

  5. Really like your look. Great sense of style!
    Marusya from http://crashingred.com

  6. Your yellow jacket is fabulous! I like the belt paired with the outfit too.

  7. beautiful dress and shoes. :)
    You've got such a cute smile on all of your photos. :D

    kibearish kisses ♥

  8. I love that pop of yellow color!


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