Friday, July 8, 2011



Hey guys, guess what!!  I made that bag!  Yep, I did and perhaps it’s annoying to shove it in your face by starting my post off like that, but come on.  I am not crafty.  I’m one of those people who wishes they were crafty and has super crafty friends who make amazing things out of like felt and willpower.  Not to mention I also don’t have a ton of patience either, so when (if!) I finish something you can probably bet that I rushed through it too.  Then my crafty friends sort of pat me on the head and tell me what a good job I did in the same way you do to the kindergartener who brings you that piece of paper with colored macaroni glued to it.

However, this time I actually took my time and finished it!  Yay!  Granted, it’s not much to look at, but considering my hands sometimes went numb from crocheting, I’m going to beg you to humor me.


Anyway, this is from the Fourth.  So as you can tell, I’m super behind.  That’s okay though because it’s not like this is homework or anything.  This is a blog after all… I don’t really ever want to stress over it.  I feel like that would defeat the purpose.  Oh and yes, I’ve already re-worn that top and it was only day 4.  People… need I even say it?  heat and I don’t get along.

In other news, my roommate sent my boyfriend a video link on facebook and I obviously stalked it.  Now I have a ridiculous song stuck in my head.  You probably don’t want to click here if you don’t also want a ridiculous song stuck in your head.  However, if you like stupid youtube videos and William Shatner it may be worth your two minutes.  You’re welcome ahead of time.

top, belt & sunglasses: Forever 21, diy cut-off shorts: Old Navy, oxfords: Steve Madden, bag: handmade, earrings: H&M, ring: gift

*photos by James


  1. You look great and that bag is amazing! :)
    Have a great weekend!


  2. im addicted to this song now! LOL!

    Your newest follower

  3. You made that bag?! I absolutely love it, it's SO cute -well done! And this outfit is adorbs, loving the aqua accessories. Have a lovely weekend. xx veronika

  4. Love love this look!! Your jewelry is gorgeous (I simply adore the color of your earrings) and your bag is fabulous - it must have took so much effort to make, it looks really professional :)

  5. Follow my blog please
    I Follow youre too

  6. Woah woah woah Melina- you're taking on the 30 day challenge?! I salute you. Seriously, I admire anyone that does it, and not because I don't believe in them. Just the opposite! In fact, I think it brings out how creative everyone is with their clothes, and I just love how it encourages making good use of our wardrobes. And that bag is gorgeous- and you made it..! I doubly salute you!! xxx


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