Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ah Oui!


Guys, I know.  This outfit is totally blowing your mind right now.  I wore a shirt and jeans.  And a scarf.  A paisley scarf.  I’ll give you a second to catch your breath…

I wore this on Bastille Day, which I only knew about because one of my New Yorker friends stumbled across a celebration in whatever magical neighborhood she was in and bragged about the awesome sandwich she got.  And then I was jealous.

But my day wasn’t without it’s own excitement.  Look what took years off my life:


I almost walked into that bad boy.  I also almost had a stroke.  We all celebrate Bastille Day differently, my friends.  Neither way is wrong.

Don’t say I never taught you lessons on life

Also don’t say style blogging isn’t without its health hazards.  It goes: Coal Mining, Deep Sea Fishing, Fighter Pilot, Style Blogger.

striped top: Urban Outfitters, jeans: Gap, shoes: Chinese Laundry, belt & watch: Forever 21, paisley scarf: ??

*Photos by James

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  1. these shots are beautiful! i love the scarf tied around your neck - very chic :)


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