Thursday, June 2, 2011

the woes of a female and her hair

I’m the queen of not staying with a hairstyle for more than a couple months.  When I went to college and people began seeing me less frequently the usual comment I’d get was ‘Ooo, new hair?’  Whether it was a cut or color, about every 6 months (or less) I’d do something to it.  Usually something drastic.  Hairdressers who don’t know me are usually apprehensive too and I have to promise them I really won’t cry and that I’m really not all that attached to my hair in the first place.

However, years of abuse took it’s toll and I hadn’t seen my actual hair color since I was about 12.  So last summer I chopped it all off.

No, but I’m f’reals here.  As in one day it looked like this:


And the next day it looked like this:


Now it’s been growing since August and I haven’t thrown any tantrums of hatred because of it or cried hysterically, but I am currently at that phase where I’m itching to change it.  My first instinct is to dye it, but I kind of like having my natural color.  Besides, the whole point of chopping it off was to try and grow healthy hair for once.

Really what I want is the ability to style it somehow.  Well, really what I want is to be able to throw it up in a ponytail and forget about it all together.  However I cannot do that and am frustrated that two little ponytails look ridiculous and it just takes sooo long to grow and can’t I just have Kate Middleton’s hair for like a day please?

Somebody make me feel better and tell me that her hair is fake.

Or better yet, do ya have any style tips for the short hairs??


  1. You look stunning in the second photo, you wear short hair really well! I have no tips I'm afraid, I am hopeless, absolutely hopeless when it comes to hair. Every time I attempt a style it fails, so I just wear it really boring. ha. Good luck with it xxx

  2. I am the same way! I first started dying my hair every 6 months, then cutting it all the time. Eventually all that became monotonous to me, so I chopped all my hair off as well!

    Here are my tips. I like to switch things up with headbands and swooping my 'bangs' off my face with a pretty bobby pin. It's not hair-related, but I now play around with my makeup and earrings everyday too. I also use BedHead Manipulator to give my hair some shape.

    I hope this was helpful!

  3. I adore your short hair, it doesn't suit everyone, but you pull it off beautifully and look gorgeous, gorgeous!! As for styling tips? I really love how you wear it. Ok, I'm not much help am I?! Happy Thursday hun. xx veronika

  4. Unfortunately I have no idea what to do with short hair... head bands?

    But it certainly looked really sleek when it was super short and it's really cute now.

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