Thursday, June 9, 2011

ruffles and stripes: keeping office wear fun


I’ve been a-workin’ in an office this week and that means early mornings stumbling around my room trying to find any type of acceptable clothing to wear all while trying (usually unsuccessfully) not to wake up James.  I’ve realized that I totally have an office attire default: cardigans.  Ahh, the mighty cardigan!  And to keep it fresh I pair it with some sort of neck area detail, like a scarf or necklace or a ruffly tank.  Simplicity.

However, it is the entertainment industry so I’m fortunately allowed to be pretty casual.  Which is good, early mornings can’t involve more thoughts than coffee consumption and getting to the office in one piece.


Those boots = happiness!  My healing broken foot has appreciated them.  So has my ultra girly wardrobe.  You know, sometimes you just need an edge.  But not too much of an edge.  Not a black, leather combat boots edge.  Just a tan, canvas semi-combat boot edge.  Ohh you know what I mean.

Anyway, coupled with the early mornings, I’ve had some pretty late nights too.  For some reason I decided this was the perfect time for a big blog overhaul (get excited!).  So I’ve been submersed in html and other things I don’t know anything about, but have to learn since I can in no way afford someone else to do it for me.  It’s actually kind of fun to figure it all out.  Sort of like when you finish a super hard word problem or something that causes you to curse to the heavens for hours, but is somewhat satisfying when you finally get it.  Wow, did I just type that?  Slowly I am becoming my father…

Regardless, there will be some changes coming.  I’m really just trying to make things a little more slick.  Like ol’ slick Willy (ohhhh the Clinton era… not that I’m doing a Bill Clinton theme or anything… though that might be sorta awesome).  Hopefully you aren’t offended.  But who knows, maybe you’re sensitive?  Okay, time to stop.  Here’s a Troycat:


cardigan, jeans, belt, cocktail ring & canvas boots: Forever 21, ruffled striped tank: J. Crew, earrings: Ike and Co., bracelet: gift, other rings: my mother’s


  1. hey ladylove.

    yay. no more bad broken foot boot. those are adorable. you are always adorable. as well as your cat.

    I always want to leave you comments but I am probably the laziest blog comment poster ever. but I always love hearing from you.

    and you are funny. love reading what you write.

    lots of blog love,


  2. that top is really just adorable!

  3. you always choose the best accessories to go with your outfits! love the bangles & rings, & of course your cute ruffles :) x

  4. you look great!
    love the ruffles and stripes together!



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