Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prairie Gal


Perhaps sometimes you get dressed in the early morning and you’re tired and you don’t realize that you’re not dressing like a normal human, but instead like a character in some Western show.  It happens people.  I was originally trying to find a non-floral skirt so that I could recreate this look (these little style boards do occasionally come in handy!).  However, I was running late and it turns out that skirt was in the laundry anyway.  So this happened.  But hey, what girl didn’t love Little House on the Prairie (the book).

chambray top: Aeropostale, skirt, belt, shoes & brown bangle: Forever 21, beaded bracelet: gift, gold hoops: Claire’s


  1. Mmmm - jeans and flowers. This mix I really like :)

  2. thats the cutest little skirt, the print is gorgeous & works perfectly with the chambray shirt. lovin' those gorgeous bangles though!!x

  3. That skirt is SO cute! Love those shoes too!

  4. If little house makes you happy, then why not?
    I'm so crushing on your seafoam nails and that orange bracelet!

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. i love this look - cute & simple!

  6. Super cute skirt! And it looks great with the denim blouse!


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