Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pink: Out of Exile


It may come as a shock to you that I was totally a tomboy when I was little.  Except maybe it’s not all that shocking if you read this blog and know that a majority of the people I hang out with these days have a Y chromosome

Regardless, I was.  I never really wore dresses or skirts and I abhorred the color pink.  Now the dresses and skirts ban actually started due to the fact that little boys would sometimes lie underneath the monkey bars on the playground because little boys can be awful.  So I actually really loved dresses, they were just impractical for my playground lifestyle choices (also, apparently you get yelled at for kicking those little boys… even if they totally deserve it).  However, I really just hated pink.  Maybe it was all the early 90s shades of pink (read: NEON) that were popular at the time or maybe I just knew that it’s hard to find the right color pink when you’re a brunette.  Whatever the reason was, the ban lasted well into high school.  I honestly think the first time I started wearing the color again was in college…. possibly starting with this cardigan…


Actually, now that I think about it, this is definitely the most pink thing I own.  So we’re talking baby steps here: buy a pink cardigan in college after probably 15 years of banning it, wait another bunch of years before making another solid pink purchase.  Hey, old habits die hard you know!

Did I really just write that?  Did you really just read that!?  …Apologies.

cardigan: Banana Republic, faux leather skirt, belt & bangles: Forever 21, black flats & earrings: Target, white tank: Hanes (little boys), paisley head scarf: ??


  1. I also never wear pink. I think for the same reasons :)
    I like how you paired the flats with the leather skirt, it's a great way of making the skirt look more casual! :)

  2. You look lovely, the pink really really suits you! :) x


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