Friday, June 17, 2011

“I fought (my closet) and (my closet) won.”

The other day I was actually compelled to clean/organize my closet (pretty unsuccessfully, I’ll tell you right off the bat).  This means that the closet situation is dire because, people, I am not a cleaner/organizer.  I am an Aries.  Generally I like to leave those tasks to the Virgos in my life (mother: queen of all Virgos, James: poor excuse for a Virgo).  However, a shared closet between two people who abhor getting rid of clothing has now become the bane of my existence.  Since a walk-in isn’t anywhere in our near future, I had to get down and dirty.


I began by pulling out a bunch of stuff to assess the space situation.  It turns out that doing this doesn’t magically change the dimensions of your closet.  Bummer, dudes… major bummer.  So as you are probably (quickly) figuring out, this is by no means a how-to post. 


This is the limited space I have to work with, as I share it with a boy with a penchant for sweaters and sweaters and more sweaters.  And I’m sure I’m utilizing my space wrong, but I’ve resigned to the fact that really I just need  my mommy (and a huge ass closet wouldn’t hurt either).  However, during my pathetic attempt at organizing, I did find a bunch of clothing articles that I was just positive I had left in New Hampshire during my last trip home.


My favorite cardigans that I had given up on finding…


A long lost sweater that I really thought I had torn the apartment apart trying to find…


Piles.  This is about as far as my organizational skills go.  Somewhere my mother is disowning me.

So the conclusion I have come to?  I have too many clothes.  When you don’t even realize that pieces of clothing are sitting right under your nose, it’s time to make a change.  Now don’t be silly, I’m not getting rid of anything (just yet).  That is just way too drastic, my friends.  Really what I am considering is doing a 30 for 30 as a way to sort of get out of the rut of feeling like I need new clothes all the time (new clothes that I definitely cannot afford).  I think it would also be a step toward opening up to the idea of maybe… possibly… truly cleaning out my closet.

So I’ll ask you, have any of you done a 30 for 30 (guidelines of which are here)?  Did it change your approach to your closet at all?  Is anyone else thinking of doing one and maybe want to form a little support group??

**Anyone get the musical reference in my title?  Didn’t think so…


  1. The April issue of Lucky that I am currently reading has an epic spread on how to organize your closet. It seemed to involve buying a lot of odd organizational contraptions, but maybe you could check it out.

    Also I fought the law and the law won - The Clash :)

  2. oh thats a pretty cool idea. another thing you could do would be to take all your winter clothes out & store them elsewhere so you've just got your summer clothes in there & more space. or i remember reading somewhere once before that for every item you bring in you find an item you havent worn in like a year & are most likely not going to wear again & send it to a charity place/opshop.x

  3. dont you just love discovering lost clothes? haha probably one of the greater joys in life.

    p.s. i'm probably late on this, but love the new layout of your blog!

  4. This just happened to me, too. It took me days to clean up after myself, and I still don't know where everything is.


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