Friday, June 17, 2011

"...I am only waiting to kill you." "That does put a damper on our relationship."

Me:  Will you take me on a ride on your sweet bike?

James: As you wish.

Me: [melts into a puddle]

No, but Westley from The Princess Bride is the sweetest character in the history of forever.  Right?  So you can't go wrong with that reference.  I could have been yelling at him to clean up his toe nail clippings and that reply would elicit the same response.

If you are reading, James, take note.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your post title.
    Best book and movie ever.
    I hope to someday be so lucky to have a man in my life to respond to my demands with "As you wish."
    total swoon.

  2. This, my girl, is the BEST picture ever. Definitely Pin worthy


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