Sunday, June 19, 2011


My dad is cooler than me.  It is true.

I am quite certain that most of my friends only hang out with me to hang out with him.  And, even now when we are all spread out across the country, my friends will often be caught saying things like, "It reminds me of your Dad!" or "Your Dad would love it!"

He is a little dorky, as is expected of most engineer-minded people, but his enthusiasm about quirky subjects is what I think is his best quality.  My Dad will literally strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone, whereas I can't even remember people's names when I'm introduced to them.

So Dad, I want you to know that in your honor I showed James Return of the Pink Panther.  And also, you should know that when I want to sound cool I tell people stories about you.  Oh and I promise, the next time I'm on a plane I'll try my best to strike up a conversation with the person next to me and report back to you!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!

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