Friday, June 10, 2011



My little baby cousins are graduating high school tonight. 

And they are 18

And going off to college soon!

But how did this happen!?


No but seriously, congratulations you guys!  You were my first cousins EVER and I remember being beyond excited when you were born (oh I am old) because there would be more kids to play with beyond my brother (jk bro, sorta…).  It’s really cool that you turned out awesome and not lame, but you come from an awesome family… so was there ever a doubt?

Miss you lots and I really wish I could be there!  I can’t wait for a family fun vacation this summer!!!


P.S.  My cousins are actually twins, but do my bro and I not look like we are as well in this pic??

Like maybe even more so than the actual twins?

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