Tuesday, June 14, 2011

chocolate chip cookie brownies: a lesson in love & understanding


People, do you really need much more explanation than that title right there?  Because that pretty much explains it all.  This is the sweet lovechild of the chocolate chip cookie and the brownie.  I would say that there are not many things in the world that this cannot cure (surely not if this dessert follows, say, this meal).  I found the main recipe on Baked Perfection and used this chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I will note that you could easily cut the CCC recipe in half because you don’t use all that much.  However, if you do make a full batch, either bake up some cookies on their own or freeze the dough like I did. 

And, yes mom, I committed the cardinal sin of  your kitchen and used a box for the brownies.  However, the recipe told me to!  And I then further read that brownies are often better from a box because of the different fats ratios, blah blah blah.  I am ashamed, but it’s okay.  I think I’ve made brownies from a box before and my mother never scolded me.  Anything else from a box… I would never forgive myself.

Anyway, people who tune in for style oriented things avert your eyes.  For you will need this:


And this:


Well of course this:


As you can see, if your wooden spoon is… ohhh, I don’t know- not clean, feel free to use a wooden salad fork to fold in the chocolate chips.  Also, you do not need this, but if you would like to buy me one in every single color that would be great.  Kthanks.


So thus far the two dessert heavyweights have been separate, but equal in this recipe process.  However, that is just unconstitutional so it is time to let love reign.


Yep.  This is the stuff that world peace is made out of.


But I still don’t get why people like the edges…??


  1. Yum!! Your photos and descriptions are making my tummy rumble. Brownies from a box are still delicious!

    Edges are the best! A little crispy, a little chewier... so good.

  2. These looks so amazing!! I mean seriously yum.

    I love the edges, they are my favorite part. Feel free to send them my way - haha.

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  4. holy hell that looks amazing!!!!! and i always make brownies from the box. no recipe i have ever tried has come close the goodness of a brownie from a box. i am definitely going to have to try this.

  5. Oooh this recipe looks sooooo good! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!



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