Tuesday, May 10, 2011

shades of red

Before I broke my footsie there were a couple of days there where I was rocking the red all day everyday.  Which makes sense seeing how it's my favorite color.  Also, I'm not sure if I was intentionally trying to look like Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver in the first set.  I don't believe I was, but I do recall realizing it and just rolling with it.  Whatevs... I mean... you can wear red shorts without looking like a child streetwalker from the 70s, right? (Right??)

both belts, hat & polka dot shirt: Forever 21, red cutoff shorts: diy Old Navy, red dress: thrifted


  1. OMG I am SOOO sorry to hear about your foot!!! We can be woeful together- but foot beats glasses and computer- seriously dudes. I hope you feel better soon!

    But wow- these outfits are gorgeous! I especially like that first one- black and white polka dot looks adorable with red, and the little hat is such a cute finishing touch. Red is such a great color.

    (PS Your mom is so pretty! She's reminds me of Charlie's Angels!)

  2. You're totally right. And you look amazing in those shorts. Not one bit like a child streetwalker! Lol.
    Hope all is well, Melina!


  3. Oh your red dress is very pretty! <3 I hope your foot heels soon :( xxx

  4. Oh no. Did you say broke your foot? Eeep, SO sorry to hear. As for the outfits? So lovely. I love the first outfit, the hat, polka dots... red shorts, total summer chic! And I'm smitten with the dress. Hope you feel better soon. xx veronika

  5. red shorts are so cute!
    i love the hat as well, you are just adorable in this outfit!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Im lovin the red!

  7. Ha! Konečně skutečně originální šortky! Ukradnu si zde inspiraci, ale už nebudu originální. DAMN!

    :D :D :d


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