Wednesday, May 25, 2011

olive is the greatest color ever


Actually, I’m just contractually obligated to say that because I’m Greek.  It’s in the handbook they give even us halfies shortly after birth.

But no, it is such a fantastic color, particularly for us brunettes… bonus points if you have brown eyes!  I still have this weird complex over being dark-haired and dark-eyed, as if I have to struggle through the injustices of not being blonde-haired and light-eyed.  Actually it’s much more likely that I’m just jealous that I don’t look like my mama.  Regardless, this is our moment brunettes, for I swear to the gods of olive oil it works wonders and happens to be everywhere right now.  Go get yourself something olivey and be proud that you wear it best!

Okay, enough of color coordination for the insane.


I’m beginning to get irrationally upset when I see people walking about on their two feet.  Do they not even realize that this very essential act could be taken away at any moment??  Does Rachel Bilson, jumping over cars in that ridiculous ice cream commercial not realize how cruel she is being to me?  That just to walk around I need a foamy, gigantic bootshoe?

Does she not even care?  (She does not.)

Wow, sorry.  I guess I’m having left shoe withdrawal.  Thank you for listening.  I think that was a healthy, honest moment we just had together.  You can commence your normal, non insane life now.

olive button-up shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Wet Seal, sunglasses: Forever 21, rings: Charlotte Russe, necklace & bracelets: thrifted, earrings: Claires


  1. you're RIGHT. olive looks fantastic on you. especially with that specific color blue jean. and then the jewels to boot! (sorry...boot)

  2. HAHA. I have to say though after watching that commercial I was in a gas station and I actually bought a magnum ice cream bar...complete sucker I know...

    xx THE CHEAP

  3. I have to agree with you; olive is such a great color - i'm especially fond of pairing it with eggplant...

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. gal, i like your photography. bonuses on being SUPER cute.



  5. love love the amazing blouse, not only because of the color. but also because of the precious fabric and the movement. fabulously combined with the necklace. absolutely adore this casual look

  6. you have know idea how much i love this look.
    1.) all your accessories are so unique& would fit in well in my jewellery box.
    2.) i am going through a huge tortoiseshell phase atm & would love the sunnies.
    3.) this off duty look is so perfect for me to go to uni in!x

  7. LOVE that olive shirt with the dark jeans and your jewelry makes the outfit all the more cool! Lovely blog btw! Follow each other?

  8. Lovely. And I'm with you, I adore a little olive in my life... it's such a lovely hue. I'm loving how you've styled this up the jewelery is perfectly paired & layered. And that necklace has got me swooning. xx veronika

  9. Seriously right? I love muted colors. Bright colors are so overrated. (I'm sitting here wearing a bright ass red tank) lol you look sah good!


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