Monday, May 23, 2011


This is a story about the wonder that is Mondays and how they should be approached with caution.  Like an animal in the wild.  Except usually they are less cute.

photo (1)
This is Nomar (and James).  Sometimes we play favorites and usually he gets to be the favorite because he loves to be cuddly and greet you at the door and play fetch.  He likes to think he is a dog.

photo (2)
This is Nomar again.  Notice how in this picture you feel like you’re staring into the eyes of Satan??  Nomar is not my favorite today.

Today has been stressful because there was a potential problem with our dishwasher that really just turned out to be a clog, but it resulted in piles of dirty dishes all over the kitchen.  Nomar has a good sense for when I am stressed and uses this to his advantage.  Things he likes to do include:

Climbing into the dishwasher.  You know, just to see what’s up.  Maybe he can fix it.  (Mind you this is a dishwasher filled with undrained dish water.)

Knocking things off the counter that only need to be stacked that way for less than a couple minutes.  Because, why miss an opportunity?

Curling up in large plastic bags.  Safety hazards be damned!

Testing out his first cup of coffee.

This last one resulted in him getting said coffee all over himself and, guess what, cats don’t like the taste of coffee.  So his fur got all crunchy and gross.  This won’t do in an already chaotic apartment.  So we decide to give Nomar a little bath.  Nomar is also a bit amoeba-like in his stature given his high fat content.  Just for future reference: holding onto a soaking wet, pissed off, amorphous creature will almost always result in personal injury.  Any summer fashion statements I’ll be making will come with two large scratches on the back of my right shoulder.  Thanks Nomie.

On the other hand, you’ve got this one.

He, for the time being, has decided that he will relish in this opportunity and be adorable.


  1. I seriously LOVED reading this!! i know the monday feeling, only at work we experience it on Tuesdays afternoons (--> now)... time starts passing slower... pffff

    Anyhow your cat sounds amazing :) I love it when animals think outside of the box like that and be naughty (not too naughty I hope).

    Have a nice day!!

  2. oh no! way to add to an already stressful day! i hope your week is getting better. great post, might not have been fun to deal with, but it made for very fun and interesting reading!

  3. I probably have told you before, I can't remember, but your cat is so cute!! And seriously when your day is stressssed they just like to annoy you some more. haha

  4. Awwww haha this was adorable! My dog likes to pretend that he's a cat...then again most cats are bigger than he is...

    xx THE CHEAP


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